Our Stories

Some of the stories of young children who have joined the Novice program this year, as shared by their parents.


Beckley was completely thrilled to be taking her double bass home!

Beckley with her double bass
Beckley with her double bass


I am so grateful for Saint James Music Academy. It means a lot for us. It helps Danisha to relax after stressful school, and also to stay focused on something more educational instead of watching TV like in previous winters. When I ask Danisha how she feels about the music school, she responds: “my favorite thing at the music school is my instruments and learning how to use them.”

We thank the staff and volunteers at SJMA for the care, nutritious meals and music classes that they provide to families like mine who can’t afford them somewhere else.

Danisha holding a violin

Layla & Abreena

Saint James Music Academy has been such a blessing to our family!

Abreena entered the program 2 years ago. When we saw her at the end of the year concert, we were so impressed with how far she had come in her abilities, both with orchestra and choir!

We immediately knew we wanted our youngest daughter Layla to join SJMA when she was old enough. On Layla’s instrument assignment day she was so proud to hold a violin and she talks about class non-stop at home.

Thank you SJMA for always being welcoming and a safe space for our children.

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