Our Programs

Saint James Music Academy uses our classical music orchestras, choirs and music exploration programs to encourage positive individual development in the context of a healthy community life.

Why Our Program Succeeds

It is Early

Beginning in grade two, children are introduced to the various instruments of the orchestra.  They learn how to follow their conductor and are introduced to sight-reading.  Their core music education includes singing, rhythm and ear training, and they are soon assigned an instrument of their very own.  In this way, from the earliest years, children build a strong foundation of musical literacy, good learning habits to grow with, and a sense of confidence in the idea that music is part of who they are!

It is Long-term

Children stay long with us, in fact right through their senior year in high school. In time, the many positive experiences of learning and laughing, and of developing lasting friendships, all contribute to a positive outlook and a personal ambition to thrive.

It is Cooperative

We focus not on the one gifted child, but on all children, working to succeed together. In this way through small group instruction we replicate life in the larger world of neighbours and community.

It is Creative

The most extraordinary and most contented people are those who discover their passion in life. We strive to nurture the creative genius that lives within every child. As such, we provide both the safety and the freedom a child needs to explore and grow.

Our choirs and orchestras are communities of music-making where each child discovers the important role they play through cooperation, team building, and the collective pursuit of excellence.

We welcome children and youth with all levels of experience into our Junior and Senior programs.







Building Blocks


A child who steps on a stage for the first time steps past feelings of resistance, self-doubt, and fear. And before that child leaves, they will experience something crucial: the affirmation of the adult world. Performances grow the child in these and other remarkable ways.


We nurture in our maturing learners an enjoyment in becoming good leaders and role models to the younger ones, helping them to discover a role for themselves beyond that of ‘student’.  Our youth mentors demonstrate responsibility, commitment, and care!


Learning music requires good concentration, and we all do that better when we are not hungry!  At SJMA we start every day together with a nutritious, fresh-food meal. This is also a community time when we share with each other, build friendships, and listen to short performances.   

Join Our Team

Join a passionate team committed to social change through the power of music.

Not all heroes wear capes! Come join a community of changemakers.