SJMA Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan

Saint James Music Academy Program Update

This document outlines the COVID-19 related Health and Safety guidelines for Saint James Music Academy and will be updated as needed.

Saint James Music Academy is committed to the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, teachers and volunteers. We adhere to the BC Health Authority’s guidelines in order to best protect the people of our community. We acknowledge that this pandemic has introduced new complexities with providing programs that are safe and responsible, and our aim with these policies is to minimize the risk and spread of the virus while supporting our students in having a positive experience at SJMA.

1. Daily Wellness Check – Staff, teachers, volunteers and parents

In order to enter the building, all staff, teachers, volunteers and parents must complete the following assessment on a daily basis:

Are you experiencing cold, flu, or COVID-19 like symptoms, even mild ones?
● Symptoms include: fever, chills, cough (or in case of chronic cough, one that is worsening), shortness of breath, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell or taste, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, or loss of appetite.

Is anyone in your household experiencing these symptoms?

Have you arrived from Outside Canada in the last 14 days?
● This includes the United States

Have you been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

*If anyone answers “Yes” to any of these questions they will not be allowed to enter the building at that time*

2. Daily Wellness Check – Students

At the time of pick up from their school by SJMA (Van or ‘Walking School Bus’), students will be observed and asked if they feel well. Any child who reports to have or is observed to have COVID-19-like symptoms will remain at school to be picked up by a parent.

If students are being transported to SJMA by their parents, upon arrival, parents will be asked to answer the daily wellness check questions for their child.

3. Personal Hygiene

• Proper handwashing stations will be available at sinks and hand sanitizer stations.
• Everyone will wash hands upon arrival to SJMA, before eating, after using the toilet, and whenever it is deemed necessary.
• Students will be reminded to avoid touching their faces, or to wash their hands before they do so.

4. Sanitization

• Before and after use of each room and equipment, high-touch surfaces will be sanitized with disinfecting spray/wipes.
• Regular and thorough cleaning/sanitization will be conducted of all rooms used by our program.

5. Physical Distancing

• Staff, teachers and volunteers will minimize close contact with others and will model friendly and healthy physical distancing behaviours to our students.
• Seating will be spaced appropriately and rooms will have occupancy limits which will be posted.
• Signs and floor markings will be utilized throughout the buildings.
• Masks and droplet shields will be worn by all teachers / staff / volunteers.
• While mask or droplet shield-wearing will not be enforced for students, those who wish to wear one will be supported in doing so.
• SJMA will follow all government recommendations on mask use as updated by the Ministry of Health.
• Windows will be kept ajar to facilitate optimal airflow in each room.
• SJMA will follow government recommendations for vehicular transportation of our students.
• Parents are asked to wear masks when dropping off / picking up their children and, due to occupancy limits, will be required to wait outside.

Please note that while our aim is to generally establish COVID-19-related physical distancing norms for daily life at SJMA, we cannot guarantee that there will not be times when our students, staff, teachers, volunteers, or parents will come within 2 meters of one another.

Physical distancing for children will be supported and encouraged through all of the means listed above, but physical distancing protocols will not be given precedence over provision of emotional support for our students, particularly our youngest students, and particularly in cases of student distress or physical injury.

6. Contract Tracing

• Attendance will be taken for each area of SJMA each day, as well as a log of any visitors. The records will assist should we ever need information for contact tracing.

7. Response to Persons with Symptoms or COVID-19 exposure

● Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms will have to stay home from SJMA until they no longer have symptoms, or in cases of chronic cough, until they have been tested to confirm that they do not have COVID-19. Anyone exposed to COVID-19 will have to stay away from SJMA for 14 days.

Community Values
In the face of COVID-19, our Community Values have been instrumental in helping to guide our Health and Safety plan for the 2020/21 program year:

We recognize the profound worth and deep potential of every child. We encourage every child to discover their true purpose, and to pursue that purpose to their fullest capacity.

We commit to nurturing children to become part of a healthy community. We believe in the necessity of being connected to our neighbours, celebrating and protecting our grassroots, encouraging inclusion, participation and mutual support. We encourage the development of engaged young citizens who contribute to the common good regardless of their musical ability.

We promote teamwork in all we do: with children, teachers, staff and volunteers. We provide one another with the tools and support for engaging in their varying processes of growth and development as they face many obstacles. We encourage our staff and teachers to be life coaches, community-minded leaders,
models of excellence, generous and passionate.

We embrace flexibility, creativity and experimentation. No program is so inflexible to us that it does not, from time to time, undergo scrutiny for its efficacy. We seek creative solutions to problems and remain courageous in the face of un-

In spite of all of the challenges before us, we look forward to coming together again for the 2020/21 program year in this special musical community. We are living history together: There will never be another first September at SJMA with Covid-19. We are committed to marking these days with a renewed spirit of gratitude, optimism, and care, as we continue to support our children in learning how to turn their feelings into music!

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