SJMA is the story of a community coming together to build on the strengths of our children and families.  When cuts to public school funding meant that Vancouver’s inner-city children had limited or no access to quality music education, long-time Downtown Eastside area resident Kathryn Walker decided to do something about it. She began a two-year process of building alliances and support in the community for a music academy that would not only teach music but use music as a means of social change. SJMA opened its doors in September, 2007 with 50 enrolments.  Since then, the Academy has grown rapidly each year, impacting the lives of many hundreds of children. Today there are 200 children in the core after-school programs and another 275 children in public school outreach programs.

Our Mission Statement

Inspiring Vancouver’s inner city youth to bring social transformation through the power and joy of music.

‘Teach children the beauty of music and music will teach them the beauty of life’

Maestro Antonio Abreu

Finance and Reports

SJMA strives to make the best use of every dollar our donors entrust to us. We believe it is important to be fully transparent about how the funds are used, and the financial standing and operations of our organization. Below you will find links to our Annual Reports, Independently Audited Statements, and Canada Revenue Agency Charity Returns.

Our Community Partners

Archdiocese of Vancouver
Britannia Elementary School
Britannia Secondary School
City in Focus
Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Earnest Ice Cream
Face of Today
Flowers On Top
Gourmet Warehouse
Heart of the City
Instruments Beyond Borders
Long and McQuade
MacDonald Elementary School
Outward Bound Canada
Pacific National Exhibition
Prussian Music

Seymour Elementary
Sing It Forward
Strathcona Community Centre
Strathcona Elementary School
Sunrise Produce
Templeton Secondary School
Traction on Demand
Trumps Fine Foods
Turning Point Ensemble – Composer’s Workshop
UBC Faculty of Education
UBC School of Music
Vancouver Academy of Music
Vancouver Moving Theatre
Vancouver Opera
Vancouver Recital Society
Vancouver Writers Exchange
Watson Advisors, Inc.

Our Donors

Every contribution, large and small, is received with gratitude and our pledge that it will be put to careful use, honestly and ethically, for the good of the children. Many individuals, businesses, foundations, and faith communities contribute to the financial needs of SJMA.

Gifts $100,000 and over

Moh Faris and Family

Gifts $50,000 and over

Community Gaming Grant (Province of BC)
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor

Gifts $20,000 to $49,999

CKNW Orphans’ Fund
Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd.
Grayross Foundation
Lynne Taylor via Music Heals Charitable Foundation
RJ Nelson Family Foundation
Seedlings Foundation
The Edwina and Paul Heller Memorial Fund
Zombie l Films

Gifts up to $10,000 to $19,999

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Foundation
CIBC Childrens Foundation
Huamulan Developments Inc
ILLAHIE Foundation
JT Charitable Trust Foundation
Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation
Newcap Inc.
R & J Stern Family Foundation
Stage 49, Ltd.
The Langara Foundation

Gifts from $5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous Foundation
Arlene Gladstone
Dr. Ann Worth Charitable Foundation
Edith Lando Charitable Foundation
Elm Foundation
Emily Longworth Fund
Fraidie Martz
First Light Foundation
Houssian Family Foundation

Instruments Beyond Borders Society
Joan & Noel Armstrong Legacy Fund
Johnston Family and Dragonlady Holdings
McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund
Peter and Marla Gropper Family Fund
Raja Rosenbluth
The Cedarhurst Foundation
Tweedledum Foundation
Virginia Evans

Gifts from $1,000 to $4,999

Andy Dawes
Ann McGregor
BC Turf Foundation
Benjamin Fayle
Bev Willms and Kevin Best
Birch Tree Foundation
Cassandra Florio
Cherie and Aaron White
Cynthia Friesen
David & Cathy Scott
Donald and Myrna Silverberg
Fairbairn Foundation
Fraidie Martz
Frances Sainas
Geoffrey Newman
George & Janice Burke
Greg Kensick
Guilt & Co (Ground Up Foundation)
Hilliary Simpson
Irene Mclennan
Ivy Ma
James Roberts
Karen Kline
Karla Mundy
Katherine Roback
Kathy Mann
Lianne Gulka

Linda Kaser
Mark Myhre
Mark Scivier
Marsid Family Foundation
Mary Christopher
Meghan Winters
Mike and Kathy Gallagher
Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Canada
Nancy Farran
Neil De Gelder and Michelle Rupp
Pamela Jeacocke
Paul Myers
Sandra Bau
Simon Fraser University
Sony Music Entertainment Canada
Soong Ching Ling Children’s Foundation
St. James Anglican Church
Suzanne Everett
Syd Belzberg
Terry Fellows
The Travel Group Ltd
Trudy O’Donaghey
Tyleen Katz
Vancity Community Foundation
Vancouver Curling Club
Vancouver Foundation
York House School Society
ZLC Foundation

Gifts up to $1,000

Adrian Myers
Agnes Loh
Alan Le Fevre
Alex Lau
Alexander Mccate
Alexandra Lohan
Alice Spurrell
Alistair MacKay
Aliza Nevarie
Allan Diamond
Ambrosia Vertesi
Amy Ruthven
Andrew Senay
Angela Lamb
Angeli dela Rosa
Anne B. Piternick
Anne Power
Anne Worthington
Ash & Lynn Katey
Barb Mikulec
Barbara Young
Beatrice Donald
Beck Martel
Beverly and Douglas Lambert
Beverly T Harris
Bill & Judith Kay
Birgit Westergaard Norman Gladstone
Bonnie Talbot
Bradley Damsgaard
Brenda Harrison
Brian Adams
Bridget Orford
Bruce McKenzie
C. lynn Smith
Cannon Design
Carla & Jonathan Evans
Carmen Wiseman
Carol Oreck
Carole Ruth
Carolyn L Edy
Carolyn Williston and Norman Webster
Catherine Duncan
Catherine Feniak
Catherine McGrath
Catriona Day
Celia M and Eric Dodds
Charissa West
Chen Hong Chung
Cheryl Banfield
Cheryl Killam
Chris Walters
Christine Baerg
Christmas Band
Christopher Loh
Claire Weeks
Colleen Williams
Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Conor Murphy
Craig Maclean
Daniel Ilich
Daniel Metzger
Daniel Steiner
Darby Honeyman
David & Barbara Leroy
David & Catherine Senay
David and Georgia Black
David and Karalee Greer
David Green
David Israel
David Liou
Dawn Myers
Debora Broadhurst
Dee Dee Sung
Deena Chochinov
Dennis A. & Susann C. Kuepfer
Diana Ruse
Diane Cunningham
Diane King
Dirk Oostindie
Dominika Olewinski
Don & Donna Hobbs
Don and Lorraine Kuepfer
Donna Pope
Doreen Lumb
Doug Gordon
Douglas Torrance
Dubh Linn Gate Pub – Vancouver
Dwayne Samycia
Elisabeth Woodhouse
Elisha Walker
Elizabeth Anne Pugh
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Lohan
Elizabeth Pui Mund Joe
Erica Hutton
Erica Kuepfer
Esther Savard
Eva Sam
Evelyn L. Woods
Fei Disbrow
Frank and Barbara Winters
Gavin Duffy
George & Mike Stephenson-Holmwood
George Kamiya
Gillian & Nicolas Vandermeirsch
Gillian Chetty
Graham and Sarah Plant
Hanne Jensen

Harjinder Sandhu
Heather Clarke
Heather Flynn
Heather Hoiness
Heather Kennedy
Helen Wilkes
Hilbert & Cornelia Zantingh
Irene Gutmann and Alexander Budlovsky
Irene Vandas
Ivan Gasoi
Jackie Zak
Jacob Saltzberg
Jacqueline Hickin
Jaidene Veda Belavy
James Wright
Jamie Antonazzo
Jamie Hellewell
Jan Whitford
Jane Cherry
Janet Allwork
Janet Greenhow
Janet Hall
Janie Brown and Daphne Lobb
Janis Stewart
Janos and Noni Maté
Jay-Lynn Nicole McConnell
Jean pierre Chanoine
Jean Wilson
Jeannie Wexler
Jennifer Atwood Davies
Jennifer Balfour
Jennifer MacLeod
Jenny Huang
Jeremy & Susan Hurn
Jessica Lemes da silva
Jill Clark
Jillian Povarchook
Joan Stekl
Joan Sutherland
Joanna Pallister
Joanne Gauthier
Jocelyn Baston
John & lorraine Williams
John & Melanie V. Goodman
John and Christine Jennings
John Clark
John Grant
Judi Korbin
Judith Anne Downey
Judith Gibbins
Julia McLean
Julia Reynolds
Justin Brown
Justin Smith
Karen Shuster
Karin King
Karina Matveeva
Katherine Grace Audi
Kathryn Stewart
Kathryn Sutton
Kathryn Walker
Kelly Hazelett Hazelett
Kenneth Carson
Kenneth Gracie
Kim Heinrichs
Len and Grace Kuepfer
Lillian and Ross Davidson Fund
Linda Corrigan
Lindsay Burke
Lindsay Redpath
Lisa Falconer
Lisa Hainsworth
Lisa Nerpio
Lisa Sturgess
Liz Sopwith
Liz Sopwith
Loredana Ciocan
Lorna Brown
Luke Andrews
Lynne Parisien
Lynne Rose
Lynnette Davey
Madhuri Pendharkar
Madoka Okuma
Margaret Repard
Maria Kravjanski
Marie Hsiung
Marilyn Bricker
Marilyn Thorsteinsson
Mark Tweedy
Marla and Peter Gropper
Marla Guralnick
Martin and Barbel Jurrius
Mary Brown
Mary Forster
Mary Young
Matthieu Sturzenegger
Maureen Gilgunn
May Truong
Meg Coulombe
Megan Stuart-Stubbs
Mei Qun Wu
Meite Moser
Melodie Mallinder
Mercy Walker
Mervyn McIntosh
Michael james Aynsley
Michael Rathjen
Michael Slater
Michelle Reid
Minh Ngo
Moonira Ukani
Morgan Tam
Muriel Perry

Music For Youth Works Society
Mya Domeij Evenden Memorial Fund
Nancy Perry and Philip Winne
Nancy Brown
Nathan Edelson and Normajean McLaren
Negin Attar
Nevin Sangha
Nicholas Starchuk
Nini Baird
Nora Ferrera Pullmer
Nora Grove
Oliver Lane
Paddy Bickerton
Pam and Tim Vincent
Patricia J North
Patricia Kennaley
Patricia McSherry
Paul Hsieh
Paula Thompson
Peter and Hilde Colenbrander
Peter Goodwin
Philip Tran
Pitman and Vicki Potter
PJ Janson
Raymond Edger
Rebecca and John Hunter
Reta McKay
Richard Carson
Richard Pollay
Robert & Ann-Shirley Goodell
Robert Schwartz
Robert Smith
Roberta Beiser
Roger and Mary Ann Sweeny
Rosalind Breckner
Rosemary Plummer
Roy & Judy Hedberg
Rudiger Krause
Runa Evans
Salma Louati
Samantha Soo
Samantha Turley
Sandi Lee
Sandra and Jim Rathjen
Sandra Lauck Rob Stephenson
Sandy Birch
Sarah Kennedy
Sean Bickerton
Sean Birch
Shannon Vrlak
Sharon Connaughty
Sharon Kahn
Sharon Kravitz
Sheila Kelton
Sheldon Ginn
Shera Kelly
Shirley Barnett
Shirley Chung
Siew Cheng Eng
Siew lee Lim
Sisters of Instruction of the Child Jesus
Six Hundred Four
St. Andrew’s United Church
St. Phillips Anglican Church
Stanis and Joanne Smith
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Fitterman
Stephen Maloon
Stephen Rathjen
Steve Grey
Stratcom Inc.
Sue Hurn
Susan C Hyam
Susan Evans
Susan Wade
Sylvia & Willoughby Roberts
Tapestry Residence at Wesbrook Mall
Terena Lazarowich
The Shuffle Fund
The Zacks Family Charitable Foundation
Thomas Graham Bergstra
Thomas O’shea
Thomas Richard Sullivan
Thomas Starchuk
Tina Tan
Tom Durrie
Tom Mah
Trevor Mangion
Trudy Pekarsky
UBC Faculty of Education
Valerie Campbell
Valerie Embree
Vanessa Brown
Vera Rosenbluth Hanvelt and Robin Hanvelt
Vincent Tong
Virginia Downes
Wan Hua Bi
Warren & Twyla Wall
Wendy R. and Greg Andrews
William Fairbank
Woldy and Cathy Sosnowsky
Xiao Peng
Ya Fei Cai
Yee Chan
Yolanda Bonkowski
You Li Pan and You li Li
Youth Leaders for Arts Education Society

In-Kind Donations

Anonymous – Fruit and Vegetable Donations
Barbara Rennie – 4 violins
Bob, Barb, Keira, and Darcy Goodridge – Flute and Clarinet
Cheryl Banfield – Grand Piano
Cynthia Friesen – Celtic Harp
Cynthia Nugent – Trumpet
Ellen Marple – Trombone
Ellen Taylor – 2 Guitars and a Ukulele
Gerard Charlton – 2 Violins
Joan Morrison – French Horn
Kimberly Zieglgansberger – Violin
Leslie Clauson – Roland Digital Piano
Lindly Liew – Violin
Marian Buechert – Alto-Clarinet
Michel Sim – Violin
Norm Farrell – A Cello and Violin

Pat Sexsmith – Full sized Violin
Patricia Marchant – Full sized Violin
Rebecca Leung – 1/2 Violin
Rochelle Watts – Clarinet
Rosemary Rocksalt – 432 dozen bags of bagels
Ruth Des Cotes – Flute
Sally Gregson – Autoharp
Stanis and Joanne Smith – Fundraising House Concert Expenses
Sunrise Produce – Weekly Produce Donations
Susan Baldock – Trombone
Trumps Food Interest Ltd. – 4 Large Dessert Donations
Vancouver Symphony – 300 Concert Tickets

Cumulative totals based on donations June 1st 2016 to June 1st 2017
Every effort is made to ensure our lists are accurate at the time of printing.
We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions.
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