Music Teacher Website Ideas


This one is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s site for kids – it has lots of fun facts (trombone tubing stretched out is 9 feet long – tubas are 16 feet long), as well as games like Beethoven Baseball – he actually pitches the ball before you have to answer a music history question! It’s fun!

Next is Jeffrey Agrell’s horn blog – he’s the guy at University of Iowa who has written a couple of great books about improvising for classical musicians (no jazz). His blog is excellent as well – horn sampling, best art blogs, snappy quotes!

Eric Booth’s site: all kinds of discussions about teaching artistry (The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible) etc. Includes a link to The Ensemble, the online Global El Sistema magazine that Booth edits.

A little light comedy: Rowan Atkinson’s The Conductor

And here are two guys playing Fur Elise on the piano at F.A.O. Schwarz:

Another Improvisation blog – recommended by Jeffrey Agrell in his blog roll. Starts with a clip of a small orchestra which invited people to conduct them!

Site also includes articles such as breakdowns of types of improvisation, culminating with ‘Intentional’ Improvisation:

Bobby McFerrin and a pentatonic scale demonstration:

Finding the Right Guitar for Your Child – Learning an instrument can be expensive, but it is a way for children to connect with the world and others, too. That’s why SJMA is so valuable to the children of inner-city Vancouver. With core after-school classes in effect, 200 children are able to learn to play an instrument. However, it is important that your child is using an instrument that is right for them. Take a guitar, for example. An experienced guitarist could select a guitar and it’d be fine for them. But your child is learning, and it’s imperative they’re comfortable as they do. The action of the guitar needs to be correct, and the same for the strings. These need to be the right type so your child doesn’t sustain any cuts to their fingertips. Take a look at this guide to find out more information about choosing the right guitar for your child, and watch them begin their musical journey in comfort.