Junior Application Form

SJMA is committed to support children through multiple years of a high quality, creative and joyful music education.  We provide them a safe, fun, challenging and aspiring place to reach their highest potential. We emphasize passion before refinement.  We facilitate a music education that expresses joy and pursues excellence.  Our orchestras and choirs are places of cooperative learning that encourage a shared struggle towards the common goal of harmony.  Group achievement is balanced with individual attention.  To grow in their accomplishments each child, through your support, must make a firm commitment, which requires regular attendance and hard work.

To build an accomplished orchestra and choir requires many years of musical development.  Our Junior program runs from Grades 1-4 requiring 2 days per week attendance, and enrolment is year to year.  Our Senior Program starts in Grade 5 and runs until Grade 12, two days per week.   After their first full trail year in the Senior program students are asked to make a multi-year commitment as follows:  Grades 4-7:  Intermediate Program (up to a 4 year commitment program), Grades 8-10: Senior Program I (3 year commitment program with high-school tutoring support), Grades 11-12: Senior Program II (2 year commitment program with high-school tutoring support)

Our program runs from September through June with the option of a one week summer music camp in August for existing students.   If you and your child are ready to make this commitment please complete the following bursary application.    Once we have confirmed that your child meets our criteria we will call you to set up an interview.

If selected, your child will receive a bursary to cover the costs of an instrument, lessons, transportation and meals while attending the program.  This is valued at $3,000 per child per year.


Kathryn Walker
Executive Director

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