Volunteering Opportunities

Hey there! At this point, we’re well along in the school year and have a pretty robust roster of awesome volunteers. However, if you’re interested in jumping in mid-year, we’re always happy to meet you! Take a look at some of the role descriptions below, and let us know if you’d be interested in meeting some of our arising needs. Send an email to volunteer@sjma.ca or fill out one of our online application forms so we can be in touch.

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Learning Assistant – NEW!

Monday and Wednesday 4-6:10pm
Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-6pm

Are you great with kids? An aspiring teacher? A prospective music therapist? There are often those SJMA students who show great potential but struggle to stay on task in class. One of our priorities here is doing everything we can to make sure that kids who would otherwise not have access to music–whether because of un/diagnosed learning challenges, behavioural issues, or other special needs–still get access to a great music education. Often these kids work with our Music Therapists for some of the day and are able to participate in group classes with some extra support. We’re always looking for experienced volunteers who would be able to be a learning assistant to some of these kids. If you feel confident that you can manage behavioural challenges as they come, you could help out in one of these ways:

  • Keeping a student on task during their group music class
  • Working 1-1 with that student to practice their instrument
  • Theory tutoring

Theory Tutoring – NEW!

Monday and Wednesday 4-6:10pm

Do you know your stuff on pen and paper? Talk to us about working with some of our students who have fallen behind on theory!

Annex Walkers – NEW!

Monday and Wednesday 4-6:10pm

SJMA classes are spread across two buildings that are down the block from each other. Each day, we need adults who can walk classes back and forth between the two buildings. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like much. BUT. Unless we have people to take kids safely to class, kids often end up missing part of their lessons. Which is not why they’re here. No walkers. No classes. No learning. No music. No nothing. If you’d like a lively reason to walk a lot in an afternoon and some down time to read a book in between, this could be your special place at SJMA!

Walking School Bus Volunteers

Monday-Thursday 3-3:30pm

In the infant stages of the organization, it soon became apparent that transportation was one of the primary barriers for families’ participation. That’s when the Walking School Bus (WSB) was invented. Every day, a team of parents, staff, and volunteers gather in the courtyard of Strathcona Elementary and carry out the impressive operation of walking 50 or more students from the school, through the Downtown Eastside, and to the SJMA.

Our Thursday WSB team is particularly looking for some more adult volunteers!

Nutrition Program Volunteers

Monday-Thursday 1:30-3:00 or 2:30-4:00

We all know that little of value ever happens on an empty stomach. At SJMA, food always comes before music, snack time before class time. Our students—having already completed a work-day’s length of learning—have a chance to refuel before they clamor off to their individual classes. That means someone has to cook up meals for over 400 servings of deliciousness each week. If you’re passionate about nutritious food, teamwork, and/or kitchen cleanup, the Nutrition Program just might be the place for you.

What you could be doing:

  • Snack preparation: washing, cutting, baking, assembling – from quesadillas to grilled cheese sandwiches, there is always something here to feed your culinary urges.
  • Serving: food goes onto plates and then into mouths, and that makes you the kids’ favourite person for those few minutes, that is, until you refuse them thirds.
  • Clean-Up: somebody has to do it, and it definitely is more fun as a team.

General Operations Volunteer

Monday-Thursday 2:30-6:30

This position is what you want it to be. There is an endless mound of work that needs to be done at the SJMA, one that more often than not appears as though it is growing exponentially. Do you love working with children? Are you able to remain calm and composed as a swarm of children descend upon you? Do you have some other valuable skills that you would like to offer? General Operations Volunteers at SJMA make sure that all things are running smoothly, that students are off to their classes instead of roaming the halls, and those mischief-making ones have a somewhat more productive outlet for all that beautiful energy they have.