Bah Humbug Performance Signup 2017

Dear Parent/Caregiver of SJMA Choir Students,

Your child has been chosen and offered one of the 12 core spots in this year’s BAH HUMBUG choir. This is a local seasonal production of Dicken’s ‘Christmas Carol’ that integrates SJMA students into the performance. These performance take place at the SFU Theatre in the Woodwards Complex from Dec 7-16.

Students learn several pieces and sing them from the balcony at various points throughout the show, and then finish on stage with the cast in the final song.

Because there are 11 performances this year it is a substantial commitment. Students who participate in this opportunity will be offered a $10 – $20 honorarium per show based on their level of experience. A perfect part time job just before Christmas.

Please complete this form to confirm your child’s availability. There are 2 rehearsals and 11 shows. Students will need to attend the 2 rehearsals and at least 5 performances to be considered. (Signup form and timing can be found by clicking the link)

Submissions are Due by Monday Nov 27th.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity please email ….or visit their website here.

Many Thanks,
The SJMA Staff
Saint James Music Academy
(778) 709-7731