Jill Samycia

Choir & Outreach

Jill majored in voice performance and minored in composition, accomplishing a Royal Conservatory of Music level of Grade 10, the highest level in Royal Conservatory.

Over the years she has grown to become an accomplished singer-songwriter and proficient pianist. Jill's outgoing personality and drive to succeed has earned her a sincere appreciation for the art of music. Whether singing pop, rockin' blues, or her favorite jazz standards, Jill is able to capture the essence of each genre, while making it her own.

From the moment that Jill could speak, she was singing, and displayed an eagerness to learn music. She began piano and voice lessons at the age of three, and family members soon realized she was a born performer.

Jill is currently working on her sophomore album, gigging, and teaching a diverse group of students. Whether it is teaching, recording, or performing, Jill's infectious love of music and dedication as a vocalist shines through in all that she does.

To find out more about Jill, visit her personal website HERE.